What else can I say about Screenwriting Expo?

4,000 screenwriters. Dozens of experts. Great meetings. And fond reunions.

Okay, I can say one more thing: Thank you!

And I am pleased to announce that we were SOLD OUT! at every stop.

My talk on Friday was packed and laughing (good thing the subject was comedy), and our room that held 60 was overflowing into the halls with 90 participants pitching comedy ideas!

The photo below shows the scene. That blue dot at the front of the room is me; the photographer was unable to get any closer!


And, as promised, we will soon be posting the “10 Comedy Concept Exercises” I developed for this talk as a FREE download in the tools section of this site.

Also, Sunday morning’s talk about horror, despite its 8 a.m. start time, was likewise Standing Room Only and we had a GREAT time. As one observer commented to me later, “The writers in your groups all have something in common: they’re smart!” Smart suggestions, smart questions, and on the ball — even at 8 a.m.

And the big news is that our brand new Save the Cat! software SOLD OUT at the Writer’s Store Booth, as did copies of Save the Cat! the book. This means we broke all records in the 5 year history of Writer’s Store at this event. Amazing!!

But the most wonderful thing that happened to me personally were the interactions with writers who told me that I have helped them improve their creative lives by writing Save the Cat! Many are amazed that I not only gleefully, and quickly, answer all my email, but happily give time to help mentor writers who ask for help. I got to hug a lot of people this weekend whom I’ve corresponded with but never met! My favorite thing! The best comment I got was when one writer whispered: “You’re getting a reputation.” Oh dear, I thought. But he quickly alleviated my concern. “You’re getting a reputation for being a really generous guy,” he told me.

Well, that is a very humbling thing to hear, but trust me, it is my pleasure.

Thanks again to Erik Bauer and Creative Screenwriting magazine for putting on the best Expo in years. See you all again in 2007!