The humongous success coming out of Screenwriting Expo 2006 continues!

I have received a ton of email from the participants at my presentations two weekends ago, and it has been delightful to communicate with you all! We are fielding many offers to give seminars and workshops all over the country thanks to your invitations. We are formulating the calendar for 2007 this weekend and will keep you posted on my travels!

Thank you all for inviting me to your towns; it is much appreciated.

We also have just added a Marketing Director who will be organzing all these events. A big Cat!like welcome to Isabel Holtreman! Isabel is a brilliant writer, marketing sage, and organizer — and she’s friendly, helpful, and always smiling, too! We are very excited to have Isabel working with us and the number of new projects on the horizon is truly astounding!

If you thought 2006 was big, wait til next year!

In addition to the wonderful new friends we met at Expo, the most amazing news is: Our software is flying, literally, off the shelves. We will be announcing shortly its availability on Amazon, and on our upcoming re-launched website (soon!), but let me say the response has made it a solid-gold hit. Simplified, easy to use screenplay structure is now available to everybody and will take the mystery out of what constitutes a solid storyline forever!

And even though we announced the software at Expo, we will be having an official launch party this Saturday, November 4, at 11:00 a.m. at the Writer’s Store at 2040 Westwood Boulevard and everyone is invited — so if you’re in LA, please come on down. We want to thank Jesse and Dana and Mario for their continued support and look forward to a great event!

See you there!