Yes. It’s true. Cigars all around, boys! This Cat! has had kittens.

Save the Cat! The Last Story Structure Software You’ll Ever Need is out and by God, she’s a beautiful bouncing baby!!

After months of hard work on the part of programmer Bob McFarlane, we have what we think is a breakthrough tool — not only for screenwriters but novelists, development executives, and anyone interested in working out a better crafted story.

It is basically a computer version of Save The Cat! complete with the 15 Beats of the BS2 and an electronic board where the 40 scenes of a well structured movie fit oh so perfectly and can be moved around at will! This little cat is so slick, and has so much depth to it, I am amazed. You not only get a brand new tutorial from me, but tips that pop-up throughout the structure process to help make your story sing!

I could go on about this fantastic new product — our very first and not to be the last — but let me just say that it will be premiering at Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles this weekend in an exclusive with The Writer’s Store (, who has taken this kitty for a ride and dubbed it a “Top Recommend.”

Or you can contact [email protected] to arrange for a delivery right from the Cat’s mouth!

Congrats to Bob and BJ and Mario and Dana and all our beta testers for a job well done!

And in all the excitement, don’t forget to stop by and hear moi speak this Friday and Sunday. We hope to have a brand new kind of seminar for you that will be the talk of the Expo. See you there!