You know I am constantly amazed at the hate I read on the Internet.

Is it me, or has our society become meaner?

I personally abhor the rude, the angry, and those that belittle and tear down.

And yet these seem to be the people most likely to be rewarded in our world.

Are TV shows where hopeful but untalented singers who get “ambushed” by producers funny? Are acerbic bloggers in the guise of being “edgy” or “honest” really the best we can hope for in a discussion? Does anger really aid communication?

I am guilty of not always being polite. I have been acerbic myself in the quest to be entertaining or to simply get attention. And I always regret it. The volume level on hate seems to be turned so high on any given day sometimes we feel like it’s the only way to be heard.

I am suggesting that we turn it down.

Anger is for people who fear. And we have nothing to fear.

A little more love please, a little less attention paid to the mean and the angry — no matter how entertaining.

If it takes being mean to be heard in order to sell a script or a TV show, I’d rather not play.

And I certainly would rather not watch.