With the final-final work done on my new book, I am much relieved and very excited! And frankly feeling about 20 pounds lighter now that we are finishing up at last.

My schedule in the past six months involved day in, day out hard work on the manuscript, and I must admit there have been times where I have been less than involved in the concerns of my fellows.

That dazed look on my face was not disinterest in others, but pure maniacal fascination with trying to remember if I made that punctuation mark a semi-colon or a perod.

Free now to get back to the business of you, I am really happy to “come up for air” and sunlight and realize my first stop is Chicago — land o’ my birth!

I am coming into town Wednesday and will be giving a talk on a new subject I am really excited about: “The Return of the R-Rated Comedy!”

What do Knocked Up, Wedding Crashers, 40-Year-Old Virgin, Something about Mary, and American Pie have in common?

What are the secrets that make these movies hits?

And why are we in a period where coming up with an R-Rated summer hijinks movie makes a tremendous amount of sense?

All this and more will be revealed, along with some insightfully chosen film clips from those great fun movies.

Can’t wait to yell roll ’em on this new lecture!

I will also be getting a chance to meet up with some of my screenwriter buddies in Chicago and I will be giving my famous 15 Beats Weekend Workshop next weekend, too.

So I hope to see you all there.

I will be the guy with the big fat smile on my face knowing that my editor, BJ Markel, and I — along with researcher Naomi Beaty and layout artist extraordinaire Gina Mansfield — have done a really superb job on this book.

Thank you one and all for your patience and love!