Save the Cat! and its software offshoot of the same name are both meeting with great success. Not only am I hearing more stories of studios and agents using it in their development meetings, but as we communicate with screenwriters, we learn they are getting AMAZING results using the Cat! method to pitch and sell their screenplays.

I don’t know where to start, so here is a round-up of the many different ways that prove the Cat! is an underdog worth rooting for:

— Our Writers Store event last Saturday was a great demonstration of our new software. Software creator Bob McFarlane flew out from back east, and though we had not done the presentation before, it was like we’d been doing it for years! Cat! software continues to be the selling like hots-cakes at the Store ( We also demonstrated a new Cat! product, the Cat! Portable Board, that got oohs and ahhs from the writers in the audience. Coming soon!

— The latest rave review of Save the Cat! is out from Creative Screenwriting Magazine, and we couldn’t be more pleased with writer Ari Eisner’s fantastic precis!!! This may be the best review yet for the book! Thank you, CS!

— And here is a link to a new Save the Cat! google group organized by our pal Ralph: We will be linking to you guys on a permanent basis when we get the new website up and running. In addition, we will be linking to the many screenwriting groups that have sprung up around the world that use El Cat!as a guide such as the Maniac Cats ( and the Manhattan Cats under the guidance of Jackie Brown ( ). I’ll be dropping in to see them on the weekend of December 9 when I’m in town for private script-coaching, a one-day seminar in the Village, and to introduce our new software to the Big City. For information, please contact the trusty [email protected].

— Last but not least, here is a photo of my buddy Tom, a screenwriter who by his own admission had read “about 15 feet worth of screenwriting books” until he found STC! and now swears by the simplicity of its method. Here is Tom relaxing in front of his board with everyone’s favorite feline-themed how-to. Fantastic!


We also have been collecting success stories, those who have used the method and sold their scripts or used it to pitch major studios and sold their pitches — and we’ll be keeping you updated on the latest scripts in in the pipeline, including mine, that use this easy way to tell better stories. Bottom line: it works!

And it’s only gaining momentum — worldwide!

If you thought we had a banner year in 2006, in 2007 we are going to be rocketed into the 4th dimension.

Mee-freekin’-ow baby!