Fool Triumphant

The 3 elements of a Fool Triumphant are:
1) A fool whose innocence is his strength and whose gentle manner makes him likely to be ignored — by all but a jealous “Insider” who knows too well.
2) An establishment, the people or group a fool comes up against, either within his midst, or after being sent to a new place in which he does not fit — at first.
3) A transmutation in which the fool becomes someone or something new, often including a “name change” that’s taken on either by accident or as a disguise.

Beat Sheets, Fool Triumphant

Elf Beat Sheet 

Thanks to Cory Milles for this merriest of beat sheets. Cory is a teacher who routinely uses Blake’s ideas to challenge his students. His chapters on “The Power of Story” and “The Hero’s Journey” have been published in the books LOST Thought and LOST Thought…

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