Check out our new iOS app, built from the ground-up using Appleโ€™s standard, master-detail style for full compatibility with iOS functionality, including Dark Mode and multi-tasking on an iPad Pro.

If you have a desktop Save the Cat! Story Structure Software subscription, just publish your project from the desktop and download it to the phone/iPad. You will have full functionality when working on the project.

Even if you donโ€™t own the desktop version, you can still use this amazing tool to help build more powerful stories with greater resonance and emotional impact.

Whether you write for film, stage, fiction, or non-fiction, this app will help you:

  • Develop a powerful Logline and Title
  • Choose one of the 10 unique Save the Cat! genres
  • Complete a Blake Snyder beat sheet
  • Use the digital Writers Board to create cards for each scene and arrange them in the perfect order to track plot and character arcs (in-app purchase is required, if you don’t have a desktop subscription)
  • Much, much more



Here are 3 videos to introduce you to the Save the Cat! Story Structure iOS app: