“This is very helpful feedback. Thank you for all you and your organization does to support and encourage indie filmmakers. These types of notes will certainly point us in the right direction to deepening out the script and strengthening the focus and the theme. “ – H.R.

“Out of 14, this is the best feedback to date. All the notes provide a clear path to improve the script.” – H.S.

“A big thanks to you and your team for the thorough read. I’ve always been much more confident with my dialogue-writing and world-building abilities than with my attention to structure, so I really appreciate that this competition is out there.” – S.M.

Trying now to rewrite and submit again as a second version. Your notes really helped me.– J.P.

We received the analysis, and very much appreciated the thoroughness. We are rewriting to reflect it.– J.K.

Excellent form of feedback, nicely presented. M.G.

Very helpful feedback. Thank you very much! X.T.

A huge THANK YOU to your team for taking their time to read and critique our script!!!– T.B.

Have already been implementing the feedback and the great notes.– A.G.

It’s by far some of the best and most useful feedback I’ve ever received. This will definitely be a normal stop for future scripts!– A.N.

Very thankful for this strong and helpful analysis.– B.K.

“Thank you so much for this feedback, and for the previous one too. Both of them gave me a lot, including the self confidence to rewrite.” – J.P.

“Thank you for taking the time to review my screenplay. Writing as you well know is difficult in terms of plot, structure, and dialogue. Therefore, to receive such a comprehensive and kind analysis has made my day” – D.P.