The Save the Cat!® 2020 Screenplay Challenge





All entrants receive 50 points of analysis.

Our approach is simple: a screenplay competition that uses the same language the writer, the reader and the decision makers use when analyzing your work.

Introducing year 2 of the “Blake Snyder’s SAVE THE CAT!® SCREENPLAY CHALLENGE.”

Now accepting both feature and 60-minute TV scripts.

All entrants will receive:
• 50 points of analysis report adapted from the Save the Cat! Greenlight Checklist (Save the Cat!® Strikes Back — pages 104-108)
• A review by readers and judges trained in the Save the Cat! Methodology
• Feedback grounded in structure and marketability and consistently applied to all screenplays

Awards & Prizes

Grand Prize Winner(s)
• 3-day trip to LA ($600)
• 3-night hotel stay ($1200)
• Live table read to bring your work to life
• A real pitch to a production company in LA
• 4-month subscription and magazine winners listing in INKTIP ($500 value)
• 12-month subscription to host your work on The Black List on us
• Save the Cat! 4.0 Software – 12 Month Subscription

Top 5 Finalists
• Meeting with one of the judges
• 4-month subscription and magazine winners listing in INKTIP ($500 value)
• Save the Cat! 4.0 Software – 12 Month Subscription

Your Submissions
• We want screenplays that are entertaining, have a strong and unique voice that grab the audience — after all, if it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the screen
• See all details on the Film Freeway site (link below)


Earlybird Deadline – November 24, 2019
Feature: $125  USD
Hour Long TV: $119  USD

Regular Deadline – January 26, 2020
Feature: $135  USD
Hour Long TV: $129  USD

Late Deadline – February 24, 2020
Feature: $140  USD
Hour Long TV: $136  USD

Extended Deadline – March 27, 2020
Feature: $149  USD
Hour Long TV: $144  USD


Check out Testimonials from Current Entrants and Last Year’s Winner!



A producer and partner of Practical Pictures, Sheila is known for such movie franchises as American Pie, Final Destination, and Cats & Dogs, which have earned over $500 million worldwide. In 2018, Sheila produced the box-office hit Breaking In. She is also a visiting professor and lecturer at various film programs around the globe.


berman photovanillaJULIET BERMAN
As Head of Development at Treehouse Pictures, Juliet oversees the development and packaging of the Treehouse Pictures slate. Her credits at Treehouse include Producer of Set It Up and Executive Producer on Sand Castle—both for Netflix, Co-producer on Mediterranea, and more.


Zachary Levine is a Creative Executive at Gilbert Films, a Los Angeles based production and finance company known for La La Land, The Kids Are All Right, and Garden State. He oversees the development slate, tracks and ideates projects for financing and development, and scouts talent.


Watch this space for more judges to be announced soon!


WGA Partnership


  1. Bob

    So to be clear you need the script by March 27 2020?

  2. BJ

    Yes to March 27, Bob.



    1. BJ

      This has been posted on our site for many months:

      Earlybird Deadline – November 24, 2019
      Feature: $125 USD
      Hour Long TV: $119 USD

      Regular Deadline – January 26, 2020
      Feature: $135 USD
      Hour Long TV: $129 USD

      Late Deadline – February 24, 2020
      Feature: $140 USD
      Hour Long TV: $136 USD

      Extended Deadline – March 27, 2020
      Feature: $149 USD
      Hour Long TV: $144 USD

  4. Clark

    It would be nice for a contest to not charge and take advantage of all the want to be writers out there. Offer a contest where if we win we get our script sold THEN you get your money!!

    1. BJ

      It would be nice but… among other things… we pay our readers (most of whom are in the WGA) more than any other script competition. So how would we pay our readers?

      1. J.R. O'Hara

        How does a person become a reader?

  5. Vilma

    Do you ever have a contest for musicals?

    1. Jason Kolinsky

      Nothing planned at the moment!

  6. Carlos

    No Coronavirus extension? ?

    1. Jason Kolinsky

      If you need extra time, please email me at [email protected]

  7. Fred Gross

    How long after entering the contest do I get my feedback? And whats the schedule for the finals and announcing the winners?

    1. Jason Kolinsky

      Hi Fred,
      Great questions. We communicate that feedback may take up to 90 days from submission to report however we are running b/w 30- 45 days on average. We are aiming to announce top 25 end of April and the winner end of May.

  8. Aaron

    Your fees are TWO TIMES more than most other contests with (no offense) more established judges. I’m good. Thanks.

    1. Jason Kolinsky

      Hi Aaron – Thanks for your note, we just want to clarify that the cost is not two times the price of entry vs. other competitions when considering that all entries are fully read and all writers receive notes and the 50 points of analysis. Considering what the writer receives, this is one of the best values within the competitive landscape, especially given that all readers are trained in STC! methodology and the majority of readers are WGA members.

    2. Fred

      Think about what you’d pay JUST for a professional read. getting a critique AND being entered into the contest I think is well worth the cost. DEPENDING on the quality of the critique. If they stick to the Save The cat formula hopefully the notes you get back should be fair and on point. I’m gonna try this contest.

  9. ashton amaba

    what about a short that is written in feature format?

    1. Jason Kolinsky

      Hi Ashton,
      I’m sorry to say that this year we aren’t accepting shorts, but maybe next year!

  10. Walter

    Should I register my script with the WGA before submitting? Or will the submission be enough to protect my IP? Love the book!

    1. BJ

      We recommend registering with the WGA.

  11. Linda Rogers

    I have not been able to locate specific information on formatting requirements or actual content for the submission — full bible? series synopsis? If so, how long? How detailed do you want character descriptions? Subsequent episode and/or season summaries? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    1. Jason Kolinsky

      Hi Linda, we are only evaluating the scripts, no need to upload story bible – all other details should be on either coverfly or film freeway. You can email me at [email protected] if you need any additional information.

  12. Ashley

    Wow, some people should keep their unhelpful opinions to themselves. How exactly are they taking advantage of writers? They’re not forcing anyone to enter! As for the price – they’ve got a business to run, which means paying people to read your entire script and give quality coverage. You cannot seriously expect good coverage for a pittance.

    I’m a writer and have just received my feedback. It was extensive, constructive, and honest. Thank you Save the Cat team!

  13. Frank

    I don’t understand the subscription service. I want the save the cat story structure software. Do I have to buy it at the writers store first?
    or if I subscribe here is it saying I can download it immediately? please help thanks

    1. BJ

      Hi Frank,

      The Writers Store doesn’t sell the software. Subscribe here and you’ll be able to download it immediately. Thanks for asking.

  14. Wallace Root

    I have been using the first version of the Save the Cat! software that I purchased years ago. I have been using it extensively in writing my book. It has a lot of content. Will it roll-over into the new version seamlessly? How is the new version different than the original? Thanks.

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