Gary Wheeler with Malcom McDowell on the set of The List
Gary Wheeler with Malcolm McDowell on the set of The List

Hey Blake,

My name is Gary Wheeler and I am a filmmaker in NC. I’m in the final stages of selling my last film (wrote and directed), The List, to Fox. It had a small theatrical run last year and a big DVD release is scheduled for June 10th for Fathers Day. It stars Malcolm McDowell and Will Patton.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that after finishing my deliverables two weeks ago I took my family on vacation to the beach. I picked up Save the Cat! to read while I was there. I too have read them all – McKee, 21 days, etc – and worked with Linda Seger on my last three films. But Save the Cat! changed everything. It was amazing and practical. I’ve been hired to write and direct a novel called “The Sacrifice” (a Whydunit?… The List is Dude with a Problem) and am in the beginning stages of the adaptation. As I read STC I kept telling my wife – “This is it,” “I’ve got it now,” etc.

I bought three copies of the book, gave them to the author of the novel and the exec producers, and said this is the model we are going with.

Thanks for writing it… I’m telling everyone about it.

All the best,

Gary Wheeler
Co-Writer/Director – The List