Screenwriter Mark David Hatwood

One of the first Save the Cat! seminars took place in a castle in England. It’s true. That class at the Cornwall Film Festival was held on the grounds of an amazing medieval estate. It was there I met so many writers who would become my friends, and the first to hear me say: “You can do it!” — even while jet-lagged. Just heard from one of the writers I met there, Mark Hatwood, who’s finally seeing his screenplay come to life.  Marcello Marcello is a charming tale of a boy’s first love and, as the poster below indicates, will be premiering on the “big screen” (and that is not hyperbole)  August 12th at the International Film Festival of Locarno, Switzerland. The showing will be on the Piazza Grande on what is literally the biggest screen in the world and a potential crowd of 5,000. Mark writes that Save the Cat! “has become my bible” and wanted to keep us up to date as I had requested. I am truly impressed with Mark’s achievement and wish I could be there to say: Bravo! Best of luck, Mark, and thanks for keeping in touch!

The Marcello Marcello Poster