We had a fantastic workshop in Austin, Texas, this weekend. Twelve strangers walked into the room Saturday morning and by Sunday afternoon each stood before their colleagues and pitched their story perfectly! And each had an honest-to-gosh winner of an idea: clear, concise, and sizzling with possibility!

I love this class! I run to teach it whenever we have one scheduled and really look forward to it all week. I love the creative exchange, love to see projects get better over the course of 48 hours, and I LOVE it when a suggestion for a script — a scene or a plot point — comes flying across the room from another writer.

It literally gives me chills when a great title, concept, and story come together. I am high for a week afterward thinking of how each will develop — for from that simple starting point, a great screenplay can begin. From that little acorn of a logline, everything we need to turn it into a mighty oak is right there!

It’s the story’s DNA!

I love the intersection of art and commerce. Saturday night, I had a chance to take a break and meet writer Mark Hacker and producer J.R. Ghaddar of Counter Clockwork Films. Both have ties to Hollywood and the business world, but have chosen to set up shop in Austin. The city is brimming with talent and energy. And Mark and J.R. are great examples of creative people putting their skills to the test — and winning.

How do I get an agent? How do I sell my script? How do I get my script in the hands of producers who will be interested? These are questions writers ask me all the time, and I’ve been there. I struggled to find an answer, fought the despair of the sound of “one hand clapping,” hung in there to discover what it took to get a sale.

Would you believe me if I told you that the way to sell a script is to do everything that is outlined in Save the Cat! Start with that killer idea! Pitch it! Get permission to continue and execute it in a way that satisfies. How many attempts will it take before you too “take a dollar from the man” (my favorite saying)? That is only a byproduct of how good you can get at formulating your ideas, writing better scripts, and getting them in the hands of those who are as excited about the intersection of art and commerce as you are.

But we are doing it! We are connecting to others who can help, sharpening our skills, networking through our writer’s groups and here on the site. And the person who is most excited about your success is me!

I want you to sell your script! I want you to have every tool, connection, skill set, and experience you need to get where you want to go. Tune in to this site each week and take a look around, from the Forum to the News section, to our classes, to our writer’s groups, we are succeeding. And if you have a question I can help you with, write me directly at [email protected] This is your best year ever! You are next!

And when you succeed you must pass on your experience and tell others How to Sell a Script!