Frederick Ayeroff on the Ace of Hearts set in Vancouver.

I met Frederick Ayeroff today at the Beverly Hills High School Career Day. I was excited to meet him — but I was more excited when he sent me this:

Dear Blake,

From you I learned to condense my ideas into a single, effective sentence.  So how’s this: With your brilliant books as my north star, I wrote two original screenplays in quick succession — both of which got filmed and will be released in 2008.  Ace of Hearts, a family drama from Fox and Peace Arch Films, is now widely available at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Amazon, etc.  Soccer Mom, a family comedy co-starring Emily Osment and Missi Pyle, will be released theatrically on September 30.

The blank page is much less daunting with STC! on my desk right next to the dictionary and thesaurus. 

Frederick Ayeroff