Saeed (and friends)

We’ve received this great news from screenwriter Saeed Faridzadeh:

“My screenplay, Mittens (which stands for Multinodal Intelligence uniT v10), got second place in the family category in the Storypros screenplay competition.

And to think this all started on an impulse buy of your book, that someone at another writers group mentioned to me! I bought on a whim, read it, loved it, and a week later when I went to the Writers Store, saw that you had a second book and would be doing a meet and greet there. A week later I saw you talk and KNEW I needed to attend your workshops.

I came into your Beat Sheet Workshop with a script about a lonely girl and a snarky cyborg cat, and I thought I had gold. Then I realized it needed some serious work, but came out with a better story. Then going into the second workshop, your Master Class, I thought that what I had coming out of the first was, once again, gold, but found it still needed work… and once again came out with a seriously revamped story that ended up MUCH MUCH better.

That second workshop got me the script I ended up submitting to Storypros, and landed the second place. But what’s funny is that the fellow LA Cats read that version and gave me even more notes that helped make that story even better. So now I have what I hope is a kick-ass script that has evolved and come a long way.

This second place is proof to me that I’ve got something here with Mittens. And I owe you so much. Your book, those two weekend workshops, and the great Save the Cat! LA Group are the best things to have happened to my writing.

And one day, your book will have a chapter devoted to the beats of Mittens.

Thanks for everything so far. Now I’ve got to sell this sucker!”