As writers interested in bettering our skills, we are always looking for tools that can help to-day.

We need more resources.

We need them now.

And when it comes to real support, I can think of no better group than the one that tunes into this site.

The response from readers in the past few weeks has been outstanding.

I asked for pitches and you gave us some fantastic ones in “4 X 4 X 4”; some of those loglines make me realize how very skilled you are in this vital area.

I asked for favorite scenes from movies, and the wealth of information and insight that came from you has been truly inspiring.

And, most recently, what great wit and humor came from our “Title-ating” contest! Incredible!

You are making this site sing, and I love your can-do spirit. I love seeing posts in the Comments section; it gives me a thrill to know such bright and enthusiastic writers out there are giving so much to others.

Thank you all.

And now I think you’re ready for a new challenge, and one I think will be a really great addition to our site.

A thought came over the transom recently from a screenwriter who suggests that what he needs more than anything is to read some good scripts.

When working up his juices to write a new “Rom-com” for instance, wouldn’t it be wizard, he thought, to read a “state of the art” screenplay that challenges him to step up his game to deliver a really good story.

He suggested that if he could get recommendations from other writers, on the trail to success like him, on what scripts they’ve found to be “state of the art” it would be a real boon.  That, he said, would really help.

Well, let’s help.

I’d like to throw it out there to our thousands of readers (and I’ve seen the numbers on our site, our numbers are growing AMAZINGLY!) — let’s hear from you on this.

What’s the best “Rom-Com,” “Horror,” “Action,” and “Family Film” you’ve read that you have found both inspiring and informative.

This can include un-produced scripts from your writing groups, but I would need more votes on those to make sure you are not just lobbying to adverstise your latest spec (as much as I admire the chutzpah of that plan).

Our webmaster might even be persuaded to create a front page box score of the ever-changing Top Five Screenplays our readers find most inspiring; and we can refresh that list with new input on a regular basis.

But let’s start with some feedback.  What screenplay have you read lately that really is hot, and really made you take a look at your own and think: I gotta be more like this other guy!

I think this is an excellent suggestion and look forward to hearing your nominations. Our goal is to be THE resource for writers to turn to for any information they need to further their art.

And we are just the Cats! to do it.

Thank you all again for the excitement you are generating in our community.

Have a great writing week everybody!