We had a fantastic book signing event at The Grove Barnes & Noble this Tuesday. I got to speak to a SRO crowd and meet a lot of old friends and new ones. My thanks to Marcy and Matt and everyone else at Barnes & Noble for putting on such a great evening! And again my apologies for calling in to the store last year and disguising my voice to order Save the Cat! under a variety of assumed names (they finally caught on when said I was Tequila Mockingbird. Okay, so I panicked!).

How can I describe how delightful it is to have you guys in my life!? You all are so awesome for coming out to support our cause. We will be posting photos from this event and upcoming ones on the site next week. But boy, what a great time!

If you missed the event on Tuesday, we are going to be at The Writers Store tonight starting at 7 for our only other scheduled LA signing. And we will be doing one in New York City at the Drama Book Shop (212-944-0595) on Friday, November 2, from 6-7:30.

I love the chance to meet you all and it is really nice to hear all the great questions and get feedback from writers who have used the Cat! to move ahead in their careers. I heard several more success stories from writers who have gotten agents, managers, and assignments by using some of the methods we suggest. We are vitally interested in your success and want you to get ahead. It is our mission! And as I mentioned in my talk, I am much more excited when YOU make a sale than I am about my own sales. I want you to be fufilled in this pursuit, just like I have been lucky enough to be. And it feels so great when you win one for the Nipper!

Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies is sold out on Amazon — which is way amazing! We have consistently hit the #1 spot with it, something that never happened for the first Save the Cat! until recently. And we are also starting to get much more email and success stories from abroad. I am really looking forward to my next trips to London at the end of November for the Raindance Weekend. And more immediately, I leave for another great workshop in Seattle this weekend, and will do an interview for Voice of America (heard all over the world) when I return to LA Monday morning.

And then it’s on to the Screenwriting Expo next week!

I will be at Expo starting next Friday at 11:00 when I will be giving a speech about the “R-rated comedy” — complete with some really fun flim clips from Something About Mary, Wedding Crashers, and 40-Year-Old Virigin. Then I will be delving into the dark side with my talk on “Monster in the House” films at 3:00. I get to come back Saturday to finish up my appearances with a chat about “Dude with a Problem.”

Here is the handy run-down for that:




We will also be having two big announcencements at Expo on Friday that we are very excited about.

So, onward!

I will be reporting in soon with more updates — and more success stories from you!