The Title/Logline screen - iPhone 5
The Title/Logline Screen – iPhone 5 (PLEASE NOTE: Screenshots are for “How to Train Your Dragon,” but they are examples of how you can use the blank fields in each screen to develop your own screenplay or novel.)


Save the Cat!® for the iPhone has been rewritten from the ground up so you can carry your screenplay ideas with you wherever you go whether you use an iPod, iPhone, iPhone 5 or an iPad. It’s a single app that adapts to whichever device you’re using.

Begin to develop that award-winning screenplay for free with the all new Save the Cat!®Lite. Get started with a killer title, a Save the Cat!® Genre, a concise, attention-grabbing logline, and the outline for your story using the famous Blake Snyder Beat Sheet. The app also includes great tips on how to make the best use of each of these elements. Then share your project with others or share the project outline beat sheet as a pdf.

The Beats - iPhone 5
The Beats – iPhone 5

Even if you don’t own the desktop version of Save the Cat!®, you can still use this amazing tool, touted as the “secret weapon” of the working writer, to help build better, more powerful stories, with greater resonance and emotional impact.

Whenever your creative juices start flowing you’ll have this revolutionary app, which is based on Blake Snyder’s best-selling books and software, at your fingertips. You’ll delight in the ability to structure your screenplay, teleplay, stageplay or novel the Save the Cat!® way.

And, if you want to go further, you can purchase Save the Cat!® Complete using In App purchase. Save the Cat!® Complete includes the many elements from the Save the Cat!® book series on story structure:

  • Use “the Board” to create cards for each scene and arrange them in the perfect order


The Board - P View - iPhone 4
The Board – Portrait View – iPhone 4


The Board - L view - iPhone 4
The Board – Landscape View – iPhone 4


The Board - iPad
The Board – Landscape View – iPad


  • Add the Characters in your story, including their Wants, Needs and the 6 Things that Need Fixing and link them to the scenes in which they appear
Character, including Wants, Needs, and 6 Things That Need Fixing - iPad
Character, including Wants, Needs and 6 Things That Need Fixing – iPad
Character: Six Things That Need Fixing - iPhone 4
Character: 6 Things That Need Fixing – iPhone 4


  • Create Emotional Changes and Conflict for each and every scene


Scene Card with Emotional Change Fields - iPad
Scene Card with Emotional Change and Conflict Fields – iPad
  • Add the Locations in your story and select the location for each scene
Location - iPhone 5
Location – iPhone 5


  • Gather and organize all your research files and link them to Scenes, Characters and Locations
Research – iPhone 4
  • Capture your random thoughts and ideas


Notes - iPhone 5
Notes – iPhone 5
  • Create Set-ups and Payoffs as your protagonist progresses through the story


Set-ups and Payoffs - iPad
Set-ups and Payoffs – iPad


  • Ensure that you have covered all the elements of a great screenplay with the Greenlight Checklist
The Greenlight Checklist
The Greenlight Checklist – iPhone 5


  • Write your script scene by scene
Script Field with Keyboard - iPad
Script Field with Keyboard – iPad


  • Transfer your files to the desktop version of Save the Cat!® Story Structure Software (Requires Save the Cat!® for the Desktop Version 3)
  • If you don’t have the desktop version, you can still share your project file, export the script to Final Draft or share your story elements in a pdf report.

Please Note: Though we’ve used screenshots from various devices as examples above, all the same screens/fields of Save the Cat!® Complete are available for iPhone 4 and 5, iTouch and the iPad.

Get started now!

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