We just received this missive from across the pond from our very own Mikkel Iverson, who heads up the London Cat! group. We’ve had a number of success stories come from individual members since my visit in November, but there is nothing better than seeing these writers get together regularly to move their projects forward — that’s what the Cat! groups are all about:

Hi all,

As you know Saturday was our first London Cat! meeting and I am happy to say that we all had a really productive day!

The first meeting was attended by a handful of cats: Heather, John, David the Knight, Napoleon, and Mikkel (Ed: See above photo). Hopefully we will be twice as many in the picture for the next meeting.

And fortunately it turned out to be a mixed bag of projects that came on the table for treatment….1 film/musical fairytale, 1 short film drama, 1 tv pilot drama, 1 real life drama, and 1 magic reality comedy. Each of us spent 15-20 minutes presenting our stories, followed by a 45-minute discussion and suggestion session. At the end of the day, we all had a lot of good suggestions to take back to the story board.

The venue that Napoleon had arranged for us to conquer was perfect. Large room all to ourselves with no interference except from the lunch being served…and it was dirt cheap. Well done Napoleon…we should definitely go back there for the next meeting.

We agreed to shoot for meeting up every 2 months, so May will be our next get-together. I’ll send out more info on this soon.

Hope you guys have all had a great Easter….tapping on those keyboards like madmen or chilling with family and friends!!


For information about joining Mikkel and his London Cats! or to find out more about the projects they’re working on, please contact Mikkel at [email protected]