We are committed to continuously simplify, refine, and enhance the performance of the Save the Cat! Story Structure Software.

With today’s update, you can:

  1. Take a guided tour of the software to help you get started writing
  2. Open reminders, hints, and explanations for every open field and STC! term–now at your finger tips
  3. Find answers to your questions with a new Help menu
  4. Zoom to move through the Board’s elements with ease
  5. Edit Scene Cards, add Characters and Locations, keep track of your Set-ups and Pay-offs, while still viewing your Board
  6. Parking lot your ideas with the Litter Box, now set as a default view
  7. Load your Board quickly with improved performance
  8. Export your work into Final Draft simply

The following graphics illustrate some of our software’s functions that allow you to create a powerful screenplay or novel: