I flew to Chicago last week and met with a group of screenwriters who are fast becoming my favorite friends. Merry Carol, Michelle, Dirk and Linda, Marilyn, Roger, and Jonathon are all working on great scripts. It’s a beehive of activity. The idea was proposed that I open a school in downtown Chicago. I will be going back in the next few weeks to look at commercial space — stay tuned.

I also want to thank Sonny and the Chicago Screenwriters whom I spoke to last Sunday. About 75 of you showed up despite the rain, and despite missing the White Sox opener, and my man JD even did a little research on this site, found that my one and only fuel source is Pellegrino water (ah! Pellegrino!) and brought me some. Dude! You are awesome! As stated here previously, put that green bottle in front of me and I will talk for hours — and I did.

We met for 2 hours and by the time they pried the microphone away from me, we still had five hands in the air wanting to ask more questions. What a great night! I also selected one script to give coverage on. Julie Koca wrote the winning script. And in talking to her via phone to give her my notes, I learned she has an agent and manager — even though she does not live in L.A. — all by using the methods I subscribe to in my book!

Take note non-310’ers!

I will be going back to Chicago twice this month, then it’s off to the UK for a week-long seminar in Cornwall with Michael Wiese.

And then…. see below!