How’s that for an opening line?

David Lyman’s Film Workshop in Rockport, Maine is the center of amazing activity for film students all year round. But in summer it’s incredible. If you are interested in directing, editing, film production, or writing for the big or small screen, this is the place to learn. And I will be there all this June teaching screenwriting.

I taught a week-long screenplay seminar there last summer and it was the best experience ever. Such amazing writers! In fact, one script that came out of that class is now making its way to through the industry as we speak. Yes, it’s intense, but it’s fun. And the international flavor (I had students from Denmark, South Africa, and the UK) makes it one of the best learning evironments around.

And by the way, Rockport is beautiful! David Lyman, who founded the school, is a brilliant creative mind and educator. You can check this out at or call 877-577-7700.

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