Word is getting out about Save the Cat! — both the book and the software.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

Already the book version of STC! is an international best-seller, the fastest selling title in my publisher’s 20-year history.

And now we are getting requests for our software, too.

Here are the locals that are (or will soon be) stocking this breakthrough in structuring your story better:

In Vancouver: Biz Books

In New York City: The Drama Book Shop near Times Square

In London: The Screenwriter’s Store

And of course in Los Angeles, there is only one place to go: The Writers Store.

As part of our year end THANK YOU to those who have made us welcome, we are doing two final 2006 appearances where I will be demonstrating the software and talking about the STC! technique:

I will be in Chicago the weekend of December 1-3 for script-coaching and a unique 3-seminar day featuring brand new tools for creating salable ideas in both the comedy and the horror genres. For information, please contact Linda Frothingham at [email protected].

And finally, on the weekend of December 9-10, I will be in New York City. See next week’s ad in the Village Voice for further details or contact our own [email protected].

And as for 2007, we are making up the schedule right now that will include stops in Austin (February), Knoxville/Nashville (March), Vancouver (March), San Diego and San Francisco (April), Toronto (May), and Las Vegas (June). And we’ll be making our third trip to the UK and possibly Barcelona, too! We will be updating you as we go.

Now, back to my book! I am finding some amazing things as I finish Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies. You won’t believe how easy this is going to make the lives of screenwriters who have an idea for a great movie and don’t know where to start.

But that is our job: helping dreams and movies come true!!

See you all soon, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!