The enduring appeal of beloved Disney animated classics — even in the age of CGI — is testament to the studio’s solid knack for visual storytelling. Disney structures its memorable, resonant narratives so compellingly that each imaginative film feels… dare we say it… like a tale as old as time

And it shouldn’t be surprising that each one reliably hits all the beats.

As an homage of sorts, here’s a downloadable chart that lays out visual snapshots of each story beat across six animated features.

For extra fun: try following each column for a complete story at-a-glance, then each row to discover a whole new world of Disney devices (for example: notice how the most memorable songs seem to occur between Fun and Games and Midpoint? And how often the Break into Three moment has the hero hitching a ride on a sidekick?)

Let’s get down to business…

And share your observations in the comments!

Download the PDF

Six Disney Animated Classics - Beat Chart