Here is a great article from the LA Times, spotted by Jim Nakahama. It presents an alternate “Auteur Theory” — that being one that says maybe it’s the screenwriter who should be given the credit as a film’s “creator.”

The pros and cons on this go back years. But I distinctly remember being an aspiring film buff in the ’70s and thinking The Age of the Screenwriter was coming. And should! After all, isn’t it the writer who first envisions what a movie is?

The spec sale craze of the late ’80s and early ’90s seem to bear that out. I remember distinctly the hot anticipation of the next script coming from Shane Black and Joe Esterhaus. And I had a few big spec sales myself. There was something really special then about the crisp, clean spec no one had yet read — and the cry of “Hold my calls!” that went out among executives when that virgin script finally arrived on their desks.

Perhaps with yet another summer of remakes and sequels lining up to either crash or save the current business model, we might start thinking about honoring the writer with original ideas?

Thanks, Jim! Here’s the link:,0,2905735.story?coll=cl-suncal

I’d also like to thank Gil Whiteley for a GREAT radio hour this past Saturday. Gil and I dissected The Godfather, complete with 17 audio clips that made for some surprisingly “visual” radio. We’re hoping to do a whole series of hours devoted to talking about favorite films. It was wonderful radio — and a terrific new way to “see” and discuss movies. Really looking forward to my seminar appearances in Denver at the end of March, too!