I will be in Chicago the last weekend of February and the first weekend of March and I am really excited!

The first, February 25 and 26, is a day-long talk called “Cracking The Code: Why Today’s Hollywood Needs You.” If you are in the Chicago area and want to attend or know someone who might, please contact [email protected] for information.

I have been honing this talk for several weeks now and will be including some fantastic movie clips. I can’t wait to lay it all out for you. My talk is geared toward anyone interested in learning the secrets of the movie business — especially those who want to try their hand and breaking in. In my opinion, the current climate offers more opportunities for screenwriters than ever before. And telling you how to do that is what this seminar is about.

My second weekend in Chicago is for those who have an idea and want me to help them “beat it out!” — of course with the help of others in the class, too. In one weekend we go from movie idea to 40-beat outline. It’s fun but very intense work and everyone who goes through it bonds for life because of the experience. This is a smaller seminar, 12 people maximum, so please make arrangements now if you want to attend.

You can also call Barbara (toll-free) at 866.874.8437 to get registered now.

Bottom line, to quote Ricky Ricardo: I’m esciited! This should be a really fun couple of weekends. Very excited to meet you all.