Went to the movies last weekend. I really have not been seeing enough. I used to regularly have “Movie Day” when I would buy four tickets at the cineplex and see four movies in an afternoon — even if I didn’t stay for the whole performance, I had an idea of what each was about.

No longer. And dang! I miss it. You would be appalled at the movies I have not seen this summer. But I am catching up.

When you see a good one, you know it. And Little Miss Sunshine did it for me.

Why? Because in addition to being a type of movie we know, it hits all the beats in the BS2!

Little Miss Sunshine is a Golden Fleece, so defined as “a team that goes on the road to achieve a prize — that turns out not to be what they expect.” It comes from the myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Jason sets out to be king, but on the road with his team, including Hercules (the Vin Diesel of his era), he finds much more. Movies like this include Saving Private Ryan; Planes, Trains and Automobiles; and even sports sagas like Dodgeball and heist movies like Ocean’s Eleven.

LMS is that. And though I have already written this chapter in my forthcoming book, Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies, I am tempted to add it in. I have even gotten an email from one writer who has done the beats for this movie, and they were right on!

So check it out and see if you agree. And since we are coming up to the end of summer and Labor Day, get ready with your picks for favorite movie of the summer. So far, I have one!