Ahhh, it’s my favorite time of year!

I love autumn leaves, cool weather, and the coming holidays — especially Thanksgiving.

I also love this part of the movie season, the “quality films” that will be up for Oscar nominations, always followed by “holiday films” that is the family friendly fare we love.

We’ve had a good summer, solid box office, with one runaway hit and a slew of lesser ones. Oddly, my favorite “popcorn” movie was Ironman. And some of my other favorites include House Bunny, Kung Fu Panda, and Tropic Thunder. Silly, yes; fun, absolutely.  That’s what summer fare is about.

But that’s why the counter weight of more serious subjects is so welcome every Fall.

This is also one of my favorite seasons as a writer — spec season! And though it’s possible to sell a script all year round, it seems to be two times per year in which I’ve had good luck selling specs. It’s either in that period from the end of February up through June (during which time studios have their budgets in place and are buying a lot of specs) and that second shorter period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving with a little dab of a window between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ah! The intersection of Art and Commerce!

I hope you’re ready! If you’ve been preparing this summer with a new spec or pitch, now’s the time.

And we are very busy here at Save the Cat! Industries. I am wrapping up Book 3, about to record audios, giving speeches to wonderful groups of writers — as I did last Saturday for the hugely successful Final Draft Take a Meeting event here in Los Angeles — and hopefully I will also be traveling to see the films I have been consulting on go into production on location.  Lots going on, all amazing stuff!

It’s been a great year, and it’s only getting better!

I want to make 2008 your most successful year yet! And we have just a few months to make those New Years goals come true.  I am happy to do anything I can to help you succeed.  Please check out our Forum for other writers who have access to resources you need, please come to one of our final classes for the year, and join our many Save the Cat! Writers Groups around the country — and the world!

And check out the success stories on our News page and imagine yourself telling us about your sale, option, newly acquired agent or manager, or screenwriting contest win! With enough Discipline, Focus, and Positive Energy, I know you will!

Please also contact me with any pitch, question, or concern. If I can provide an answer in an email, I will!

You can do it! I’m here to help!

Here we go! Let’s make each day count in this your most abundant year to date!