I am really pleased with all the activity on my last post. The idea of mixing and matching two or more different movie concepts makes for some really interesting — and sometimes hilarious — combinations. These are thought starters, as one post said “a way to limber up the brain” and that’s exactly right. But at some point one of these combinations will lead to something even better: a workable plot. And I see the start of a couple.

Well, here’s another little exercise and one that is equally fun:

We see the use of brands in movies now as starting points for plot. Last weekend’s Talladega Nights starring Will Ferrell used not only the NASCAR brand (with its built-in 70 million fans) as a starting point, but also Wonder Bread, which the irrepressible Ricky Bobby is sponsored by in that story.

Coming up is Invincible, starring Mark Wahlberg, which is sanctioned by and set against the NFL and premieres just before football season.

Add to this the use of Federal Express in the Tom Hanks’ film Castaway and the teen fleece Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and you have a verifiable trend. In the search for any recognizable brand, movie studios have turned to corporate sponsors who, I’m guessing, help share the cost of production too. But the real reason is: Brand is something we know as an audience and respond to immediately.

So… how about you? Any ideas for stories set against a corporate logo? Surely, given the creative bent of this board, we can come up with some really amazing takes on this exercise.

P.S. I will be coming to NYC this weekend to give a lecture and seminar. The response has been amazing — over 50 rsvps for my talk Thursday night, and a packed house Saturday and Sunday too. Thank you in advance New York City! See you this weekend.