This summer promises to be a turning point according to Variety editor Peter Bart. In a recent column, Bart points out that the studios will be forcing their will — and their advertising budgets — on the American viewing public with yet another season of remakes, based-ons and other movies of the pre-sold franchise kind.

Will it work? Will this spell THE END for the business model as we know it? Or just another FADE IN to more of the same?

For those who don’t read Bart’s column, it is one of the best for gauging what’s going on behind the scenes. Here is the link to the article in question:

To me, as always, this spotlights the need for change and give us, the spec screenwriters, more chance than ever to get our original ideas sold and made. I sometimes take the hit for Hollywood misfires when some blame me for promoting “formula” movies.

Not true.

I promote movies that work. Stories that resonate. And it makes me sad that the mighty engine that is Hollywood seems so unable to make what we all want: a good movie.

I think Bart is forecasting what that will take: an end to the Mission Impossible 3 Syndrome and a turn to better screenplays… and screenwriters. To my mind, that’s what is needed more than anything.