I am starting to see a lot more spec sales in the trades!!

This makes me very happy.

Maybe… FINALLY… Hollywood is looking outside the studio gates for their movie ideas. ’bout time!

One recent sale I cited in my seminar last weekend was one that proved the good loglines are ones where I hit my forehead and say: Dooohh!

Why didn’t I think of that?

Two first-time writers sold their spec to Paramount. Title: Identity Crisis. Concept: A groom wakes up on his wedding day with amnesia and must piece together the events of his bachelor party from the night before.

It’s simple. It’s primal (weddings are). It doesn’t sound expensive. And it’s targeted at the sweet spot of the marketplace: youth.

Come to think of it: I HAVE pitched this idea!!! But that’s okay. We live. We learn. We move on.

This is one of several spec sales that can be found listed in detail at www.DoneDealPro.com. For $23.50 per year you can subscribe to Done Deal and keep up to date on every spec sale and any other project in the works.

The most beneficial part of doing this is to compare the ideas that sold with your own loglines to see if you too have the four elements that make for a successful one. Most of those that sell do. And it’s a good thing to keep reading loglines; the rhythm of what makes a good one becomes more obvious as you read one after the next.

For starters, it doesn’t take many words to describe. It’s evocative of a whole movie (the concept blooms in my mind when I hear it) and it has a target and the cost of the movie implied in the idea.

And while Identity Crisis isn’t the world’s greatest title, it at least “Says What It Is” — which is the key to any good title.

Go forth and do likewise.

And if you feel like it, please use the Comment section below to pitch your best logline and let others tell you if they agree or not.

ALSO! I know several of you out there who are looking for writing partners. Please use the comment section below to pitch yourself and your movie idea and the type of partner you’re looking for and we’ll get you in touch with the write one!

Glad to be back from Chicago — thanks to the participants for a great two-day structure seminar! You all did outstandingly well!