The prolific Ian Noakes

We just received this terrific email from screenwriter Ian Noakes:

Hi Blake,

I just wanted to say thanks for Save the Cat! I was introduced to your book by a writer I collaborated with, and we used your book and beat sheet to help us write our first thriller. After we completed our script, Dark Passenger, we sent it off for coverage and it garnered a RECOMMEND. We were able to use the endorsement letter and coverage we received to secure an option agreement for high five to low six figures. The producer hopes to be in production within a year, and all eyes coming into contact with the script continue to be impressed.

Coverage quote: “Dark Passenger is one of the rare instances where a drama\thriller actually provides enough depth of character, entertainment value, logic grounded more or less in science, and complexity to lure us in at once and never let go from start to finish. In this reader’s opinion, it is much better than any number of produced films in recent memory.”

Since DarkPassenger, I’ve had two options, three commissions to pen two thrillers and a comedy series (six episodes go into production this summer), plus I’ve had three of my latest scripts requested by a big management/production company. I have found the beat sheet an excellent tool for my writing, but I think your readers also need to take note of the numerous tips you put in your book, especially the one you name the book after: Save the Cat!

Anyhow, many thanks… I’d better crack on.

Best regards,

Ian D Noakes