Doug Spoors

A day after The Great American Pitchfest, we received this email from writer Doug Spoors. Like many of those I spoke to this past weekend, Doug found the event to be a great success. Congratulations to all!


I can’t thank you enough for your input on my logline. As it turns out, I changed the logline and it changed my pitch. While having my morning coffee before the pitches began, it finally clicked completely… the logline is the pitch! If you can get the story into a really great logline, you’ll have a really great pitch! After I did it a couple times, I had a pitch with an agent who told me at the end: ‘Wow, I gotta tell you, you have that pitch down perfectly! That is nothing less than amazing… Great job!’

As it turned out, I pitched to 14 studios, developers, production companies, etc. (all non-agents) and 12 out of 14 wanted more …. even after I told them the script was only up to plot point 1 at 30 pages, they all wanted the treatment and more. One even asked that we get together in the next two weeks to discuss an option.

Then I turned to pitching agents and managers – 100% interest at that point. I have my first meeting with a management company for this coming Wednesday.

What an amazing day! Thanks so much for your input – I could not believe that between the time of giving your class and by 5:00 p.m. I had your comments by email – you are an amazing person. If ever there is any way I can repay a favor, please please call on me!

Best regards,

Doug Spoors”