Good morning, Cats!

By golly I am in a great mood today! Getting very, very excited about all the events coming up in October; it’s going to be very busy and I am working hard to get ready for it all.

I will be in Seattle weekend after next to meet with 12 great screenwriters for one of two weekend workshop extravaganzas I will be doing for Space Needle-ites. Can’t wait! Love Seattle!! And love the NW Screenwriters who have been so kind to me!

While in Seattle next Friday, I will also be privledged to be able to appear for a special event for Amazon. I will get to give a little talk about my new book for Amazon buyers in what as known as a “Fishbowl.” Cat! in the fishbowl, fantastic!

I also have been working out my speeches for Screenwriter Expo coming up at the end of October. We will be giving three talks this year due to the great response from our appearance last year. One will be about the new discoveries I’ve made in the Monster in the House genre — that’s horror movies mostly — and I have some great bits about that that only reinforce everything that’s in the new book. I will also be giving a talk about thrillers that can be found in my Dude with a Problem genre, and will also be talking about mysteries a little bit too. And if you like film clips (and who doesn’t?) I will be giving an R-rated talk about R-rated comedies with clips from 40-Year-Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers and Something About Mary. I gave a version of this talk in Chicago this summer and it was a lot of fun!

We are also planning to tape my talks. Yes, it’s true. My Cat! cohorts here at STC! Industries will be producing a series of my talks to take those who can’t come to a workshop or lecture through the basic steps of the Cat! method. We’re working out the details now, but it should be announced along with the new look for our website.

Alot of stuff happening in October…. including my birthday (Yes, I will be 39!)