Here is a photo of Greg Field’s Los Angeles Save the Cat! group at work at one of their twice-monthly meetings. Greg’s L.A. Cats! is the model for all our groups around the world (which we will be highlighting in the weeks ahead), and consists of those who want to continue the work begun in our Beat Sheet Workshop with the help of fellow grads who know the lingo, demands, and benefits of the method. Just a hint of what makes Greg’s take special is seen in a recent email:

Subject: WHOA! SCREENWRITER! Take a breather!


and all you aspiring Prius drivers.

Put down that all-vegetable smoothie and start a readin’ the prolific Mr. Nisso’s 40 BEATS.

Attached are Mr. Nisso’s 40 BEATS in WORD and .pdf form.

Also attached are the ONE SHEET, also in WORD and .pdf form.

(How cool is that, I ended both sentences above with the same word. Convergence,
a beautiful thing)

Okay, screenwriter, look for my general shout out on Wednesday.



In addition to Greg’s zingy writing style, positive attitude, and focus on getting writers’ scripts in shape to sell — the STC! way — he sends out regular updates like these, noting scripts to be discussed in upcoming sessions, and the occasional “This Space Available” for those who haven’t yet put their script through the group wringer. We in turn send interested agents and producers his way to see up close and personal how he does it.

Congrats to Greg for his outstanding efforts, and for being an example for us all! If you’d like to get in touch with Greg or sit in on a meeting of the L.A. Cats! and find out what his writers are working on, please email him at: [email protected]