What can I say about the readers who submitted entries to our “Name That Character Description Contest” except Ohmygawd!

I thought this might be kinda fun for our Cat!-ites, an escape from the holiday rigors, but I never expected the gut-busting laughs I got every time I read a new entry. Some really hilarious stuff here.

And some really creative minds at play!!

Asked to concoct a brief bio for an odd-named bunch of fictitious folks, our submittees made up a mind-numbing imaginary cast. Odd origins, like being “born in South Dakota to a renegade nun,” as Glen Miller proposed for Carmini Lockhart. Odd claims to fame, as C. Nickell offered for adult film actress DeNile Rivers, “star of The Devil Wears Nada.” And even odder occupations as the one Giulle thought up for the “door-to-door knife salesman” Sherman Sheperd.

I particularly loved the idea that three or more characters might live in the same town, or have lives that intermingled. Matt suggested such a thread for my favorite combo, the Catalina Waters-Carmini Lockhart-Zane Battle connection. And where the delightful Christina C.’s mind is at, we may never knowl!!

But since we had to pick a winner, we picked two: Teresa Davis and Jim Endecott each get the prize, mostly because they followed the rules and brought in their three character descriptions roughly under 100 words as asked. This word limit just knocked out three really funny entries from our buddy, Tim Malloy, who is our Runner Up.

Please check out the thread in the comment section of last week’s blog to see these and all the other entries.

Yet this contest will always be remembered for the haunting riff that Kalvin T created to win Honorable Mention:

Zane Battle, 23 Tired, dirty, bleeding and hungry is leading his small band of fighters into Emperadador’s evil lair. His mind drifts back to the days when his trusty Blaster was not his best friend. Little Sonja Dupree, his first kiss. Baking Kirmizi with his mother, dear sweet mother. Ah! His favorite memory of all, Shivpuri, his… Zane is jolted back to reality with the first explosion, they have been discovered. Will plan B now be their savior?

Given the assignment, if I were a studio executive I’d want to talk to Kalvin. A lot of thought went into that writage. Somewhere, the further adventures of Zane Battle await recording…