See the 15 story beats of the second season of BEASTARS in this Save the Cat!-Netflix video production!

The new edition of Save the Cat! Goes Anime—”BEASTARS S2 Meets Save the Cat!”—digs into the story structure of Season 2 of the Netflix Anime hit series BEASTARS.

BEASTARS‘ premise of herbivore and carnivore teenagers coming together in a co-ed high school to live and learn—all while fighting their primal nature and raging hormones—is a fresh take on the classic theme of “nature vs. nurture.”

We show how the premise pays off as Season 2 of BEASTARS embraces the same structure all great stories do: the 15 Save the Cat! story beats.

The BEASTARS Second Season episode of Save the Cat! Goes Anime is now live on the Netflix Anime YouTube Channel.