front cover Save the Cat! Strikes BackI will never forget when Blake and I signed off on the galleys of his third book. It was almost 2:00 AM and our work was done… or so we thought. We hugged at my front door. He whispered proudly, “We did it, Beej. This is my best book.” And he stepped out into the starry night.

That was the last time I saw him alive. In the days that passed, I had to re-edit those galleys to delete numerous personal future-pointing comments and insert testimonials and favorite quotes.

But he was right. Save the Cat! Strikes Back was his best book.

Inspired by questions from his workshops, lectures, and emails, Blake had listened to countless readers and students and provided new tips, tactics, and techniques to solve your writing problems and create a gripping story.

He added new phrases to our storytelling lexicon, like the “Transformation Machine” and the “5-Point Finale.”

He clarified the difference between “structure” and “formula.”

And, most importantly, he offered lessons on how to avoid panic, doubt, and self-recrimination… and what it takes to succeed and dare to achieve your dreams.

If you haven’t read Save the Cat! Strikes Back, now is the time.

From Chapter 3: “ We transform every day, re-awaken to new concepts about the world around us, overcome conflict, and triumph over death… only to start again each morning. It’s why stories that follow this pattern resonate. Because each day is a transformation machine, and so are our lives.”

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