At the request of many in the greater Manhattan and five boroughs areas, I will be coming your way the last weekend of this month to hold a special two-day workshop on August 12 & 13.

The topic: the coming spec sale avalanche!

This fall promises to boost the spec market and many of the NY writers I have been working with via email have requested more info on how to structure, write, and prepare their scripts for sale this fall. And there is no better way than me in a room with you, in person, getting right to the heart of the matter.

This promises to be an extremely creative, New York style confab of the kickass kind. And I for one can hardly wait.

I don’t usually use this blog space to advertise upcoming appearances; I figure those who know will find us. But with Hollywood doing such boom business (a 5% increase in ticket sales and climbing), this summer is looking like Summer of ’89, and that fall had a remarkable number of first-time sales. Why? More money in the studio till for purchases, higher hopes, new blood, and a general sense that the business was back.

It’s back again. And the studios want what they have always wanted: high concept, well-executed and structured original screenplays with that extra something special that they can’t say “no” to.

Let’s meet in NYC.

For information locally contact Amy Biven at [email protected], or to sign up immediately write [email protected]

Big, hot summer = Bigger, hotter fall!

Let’s go, New York!