Take a look! We have lotsa new stuff on the site today.

Up above are three new buttons to click — I love buttons!

One is for our Tools page with several FREE! downloads and more to come! You can get our tried-and-true, one-page beat sheet for use anytime. Got a meeting today at 4 and only have the “pitch” but no story? — print out the BS2 and fill in the blanks and you’ll be ready! Available for the first time, too, is the structure map I talk about in my lectures that writer Heather Holmes very kindly re-produced to look like a flow chart! Print out that map, put it up on your office wall, and see if your story matches the Thesis-Anti-Thesis-Synthesis rhythm!

Also on that Tools page, our famous Wedding Crashers beat sheet and some cool idea-generating exercises if you are writing a comedy or a horror movie. We’ve also added the “48 in 48.” This is a to-do list for writers who find themselves in Los Angeles with free time to find the people and places to enhance your career — or your enjoyment of it!

We also have a Media page now; this is designed for those (attention Ebert & Roeper!)who want to check out the interviews I’ve done lately — and there are always more in the works! These interviews also give me a chance to explain in depth some of the points I make in my books.

This leaves our News page, which is not where I want it yet. The News section will be designed for stories about YOU! — the most important component of this whole enterprise. Anyone who has a success story, a recent writing victory, or a breakthrough in using the Cat! method, please let us know and we will post it with a photo of your smiling self.

We will also use the News page to do interviews with screenwriters, executives, and agents who want to lend their expertise to our cause.

All of that is in the works! And we always get it done — eventually!

We continue to work hard here to make this site the most useful one for screenwriters, novelists, and any creative folk who use storytelling in their career. Between our community, as found on the site’s Forum section, our Cat! groups worldwide, and outreach to bring lectures, seminars, and workshops to you, we hope our site and this work we are doing is the single best creative resource for writers everywhere.

I hope all of you are working on your projects. I look forward to the lifting of the strike when we can all get back to the business of writing and selling our scripts here in Hollywood!

Very close!

Meantime, keep up the good work everyone! I have had contact with many of you lately, and I must say, the positive energy, focused attention to the development of your storytelling skills, and your outright smarts, are inspiring! Thank you one and all!

Now back to work!!