Hey, I only work here!

So you’ll have to excuse me and accept my sincere apology for not including even more success stories coming in from other Cat! groups.

When I posted my last blog, listing several of the writers on the tip of my brain — and the Cat! groups they belong to — I left some of you out and I have been deluged with email.

I am quick to apologize — I am programmed to do so promptly — so when I make an error, I admit it! No slight was intended!

Let’s talk first about the Tucson Cats! who I am reminded meet on a regular basis and have leader Howard Allen to thank for keeping them on course. Meeting regulars include Mark, Gina, and Cynthia who is hot on the trail of a sale with my buddy Howard Burkons, as we speak.

I also want to point out the success of the San Francisco Copy Cats! led by Elizabeth and Zeb, who has just finished his teen script SK8R and will be getting notes from the group before finalizing and sending it off to the powers that be. Bravo to Elizabeth for keeping the gang in line!

And I also want to congratulate Mario Moreno, who is one of my best friends at The Writer’s Store in LA and a big Cat! fan, who has sold his first script, Omission. The story of how Mario did it can me seen on The Writer’s Store Storylink page http://www.storylink.com/blogentry/82406. It’s inspiring for all kinds of reasons. We love you, Mario! Congrats and check out the Storylink site for other really inspiring tales of movie business success!

And please excuse my poor manners for not including you all! And if I’ve left anyone out, please let me know!!

p.s. I am on the lookout for a true “Family Film” script. If you have a finished script, with a high concept, that is reasonably budgeted, email me at: [email protected]