Is this a Beach Boys’ song?

No, this is “In My Queue,” the semi-regular feature of to let all you cats and kittens know what’s on my Recent Viewing list on Netflix.

Having used Netflix as THE fastest source during the recent writing of my book — Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies (now you can see the cover on Amazon — yes, that’s how close we’re gettin’), the Flix habit remains. (I need my Flix!)

Since the project ended, I have blazed through a bunch of movies, from the wonderful (Casino Royale, The Good Shepherd) to the tolerable, though oddly cast (Hollywoodland), to the “shot underwater by aliens high on some kind of drug I probably never used and now can’t…” (Black Dahlia). (Art, Art, Art, what the hell just happened indeed!)

Now in my Queue are the following:

The Bourne Identity (again) because since The Good Shepherd I am on a spy movie/Matt Damon jag, and I want to compare and contrast.

Pirates of the Carribean 2 (another repeat) due mostly to the fact I am prepping to watch 3 and want to link 1 and 3 in my mind a little better.

National Treasure. Same reason.

Donnie Brasco. Trying to get in the mood for a writing assignment, the rewrite of the heist movie Mike Cheda and I wrote, called Ringers.

Smokin’ Aces. Because it came and went so fast in the theaters I never saw it.

Yes, here’s the thing. I love family movies. I write mostly family movies. But my secret love is action/heist/adventure stories.

Go figure.

Also wanted to note what a GREAT time I had in San Francisco this weekend. It was the first time we brought the Cat! to the Bay area, and what a terrific group of writers! We are getting so busy doing Board and Master Class weekends, we may not be able to get back up there again for another six weeks, but it was a wonderful and productive beginning. Big thanks to the The Film Arts Foundation for providing a truly creative space, and to all the participants for their generous welcome!

We will be back. I not only left my heart in San Francisco, but my iPod; so if you find it let me know.