… after a whirlwind tour of Toronto and New York City.

I met so many new people, and got a chance to get reaquainted with good friends, too.

On the new friend front, I had two very successful talks in Toronto. About 50 of us gathered at the Toronto Film College Thursday night for a chat about screenwriting, and what a great creative bunch! I have received lots of emails from the group since, including some brilliant questions and insights into movies. I just love this stuff! And I am now officially coming back in June to see you again.

I also did a day-long lecture Friday for Nelvana, the famous Canadian-based TV animation company. Since my roots are in animation, it felt like old home week. Nelvana has some great new shows in the works, including a dark and funny Beetlejuice-but-better series called Ruby Gloom, which has yet to hit the states but must! Thanks to my good friend, Paul Teolis, for arranging my appearnce there and for being such a considerate host, and to Jocelyn Hamilton at Nelvana! Paul, dude, you are the best!

Met some other old acquaintances this past weekend in a fantastic Master Class in NYC. I am in awe of how these screenwriters have grown in their skills since my Beats Class workshop in February. John Austrian, who created our Cat! discussion board and is putting up talking space for everyone who has taken a Cat! class, arranged for a workspace for us — and his enthusiasm is incredible. He also has an awesome script in the works that I can’t wait to see written and filmed — what a great ride of a movie! But John was not the only bright light in the room. Congrats to Nick, Rueben, Alden, and Alexander too for your incredible progress! I got the additional treat of seeing Jackie Brown and Amy Biven at lunch yesterday — these women are hilarious company! And great writers with so much going on. Thank you both, and next time — quiche!

Now back to my desk…. Good to be away, good to get home as well. Back in my screenwriting laboratory to cook up some more new stuff to tell you when I hit LAX next time!

There’s an L.A. Master Class this coming weekend. Barcelona at the end of the month! Then more clases in L.A., Toronto, San Francisco, and Chicago! Thank you for being so kind to me out there, old friends and new friends alike!