Left to Right seated: Melanie Grimes, Sandra Ahola, Joe Shapiro, Kate Wharton, Andy McCone, Bill Gohde, Heather Hughes, Luanne Brown; standing, l-r: Van Douglas, Lani Moreau, Randy Webb. A lot of our more or less regulars weren’t there that night and one who was got cut out of the pic: Aadip Desai.

We recently heard from Randy Webb of the illustrious Seattle Cats! writing group. Randy is a team leader who livens up the meeting schedule with witty updates and they are getting results! The group is on target with several great scripts nearing completion and I hear frequently from many of these writers telling me how much they enjoy these sessions. It was thanks to Aadip Desai, President of the Northwest Screenwriters, who invited me to Seattle to speak to his group that I was first introduced to the Seattle scene, and from that one appearance, the Cats! came to be. According to Randy:

“We’ve been meeting since the October Beat workshops Blake ran last year. Everyone from two workshops is still on the list, but about 12-14 attend more or less regularly. We meet Thursdays every other week in a coffee house in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle.

We have a loose structure — no one driving — but I do post- and pre-meeting communication and keep track of the schedule. Remember this IS the home of the “Wobblies” (IWW) and the NW has a deep anarchist streak. We cover two or three projects each session and are beginning to see our first scripts.”

For more information about the Seattle Cats! and the many great screenplays they are working on, contact Randy at: [email protected]