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About the Beats, Tips and Tactics

Act One 

You will hear many writers tell you — and rightly so — that Act Three is the toughest. Finishing up what you started, finding the final solution for your characters, and also “letting them go” is a challenge for sure. But to me, the trouble…

About the Beats, Tips and Tactics

Try This! 

Fresh from our busy Save the Cat! Laboratories, Development Director Jose Silerio has conceived this new twist on how to write a logline. By plugging in the components of your movie’s BS2 into the “Format” below you can create a “mini-story” that will help not only…

About the Beats, Tips and Tactics

Fast Pitch 

Can you pitch your movie in two minutes? Not just the concept but the story. Occasionally you find yourself in this circumstance.  This month, in fact, a group of Seattle screenwriters will get two minutes each to pitch to a group of producers, agents, and…

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Batman by the Beats 

The Dark Knight is the most successful movie the year, besting Spider-Man 3 for the biggest non-holiday opening ever. Heath Ledger is so very weird as the Joker, and its highlight. But the star is a well-structured story. This latest Batman follows the beats down to…