images1No, we’re not going to try to sell you a dead parrot, nor will we demand that you execute a series of silly walks! We have been, however, struck with spring fever — we’re footloose and fancy-free — and thought that there was no better time to engage in a little fun and games with you Cats!

We have created a 2-part blog game that we’d love to have you all participate in. First, we are asking you — our Cat! readers — to nominate a film for us to break down, using the STC! Beat Sheet. The conditions of the nominations are listed below.

We’ll tally the votes, and we will come up with a winner! Then, we’ll break the winning screenplay down… and here’s where you come in. While we’re doing our work, you can do yours! Because the second part of this game is a challenge for you: to break down the winning screenplay according to STC! principles.

You will then submit a 2-page STC Beat Sheet via an email address, which we will provide when we announce the selected screenplay. The winning Cat whose breakdown most closely matches the Save the Cat! Beat Sheet will win a Cat!-astic surprise! ROAR! And we’ll publish your beat sheet, side by side with ours! Mee-Yow!

So today, we begin Part 1 of the STC! Spring Fling:

Nominate a movie for Cat! Central to break down, according to the Save the Cat! system of principles of story structure. Your nominated movie must:

  1. images-3Be an American feature film with a wide release.
  2. Have been released between the years of 1939 – 1979.
  3. Have received an Academy Award nomination for either Best Screenplay or Best Adapted Screenplay.

And that’s it! To enter, simply write your nomination in the “Comments” section of the blog. You may nominate more than one film, but only one film per nomination, please. And please give other Cats some room to play! Nomination period ends at midnight, April 30, 2010.

So, sharpen those claws, groom dem whiskers, take a stroll down memory lane, and choose your movie!!!

How’s your ScriptFrenzy coming? Remember, only one more week to hit the 100 page mark!

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