The “District 9” breakdown breakdown was written by Save the Cat!® contributing editor and Austin screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez.

_12476389318120A thought-provoking science fiction allegory with enough clever ideas for 10 films, writers Neil Blomkamp and Terri Tachell’s “District 9” impresses with its fully realized dystopian near-future, amazing visual effects, and beat-aligned structural integrity.  Adapted from Blomkamp’s “Alive in Joburg,” “District 9” weaves a metaphor of apartheid against the backdrop of an alien invasion. Using a blend of documentary-style cinema verité, surveillance-cam footage and traditional filmmaking styles, “District 9” nails each beat from Opening Image to Final Image with clockwork precision.

Let’s beat it out!


04057Opening Image: A documentary news crew introduces us to Wikus van der Merwe, a mild-mannered and nerdy “little guy” on the corporate ladder, and the new pointman for a public relations initiative with a mammoth conglomerate, MNU.

Theme Stated: Twenty years ago, a massive alien ship appeared over Johannesburg, South Africa, and the alien life formsmv5bmtk1mzuxmzm5ml5bml5banbnxkftztcwnje3mzq3mg_v1_cr1530394394_ss100_-1 inside are now being kept in a detention camp called District 9. A woman interviewed on the street says, “At least they’re keeping them separate from us.” The theme is going to be HUMAN vs. ALIEN, Man vs. the Other. What separates us? What makes us the same?

Set-Up: An alien ship stalls out over South Africa. Its hull teems with insect-like humanoids, derogatorily nicknamed “prawns,” a malnourished, sickly horde. They are brought to the surface and placed in a makeshift shantytown soon to be known as District 9. Over the next two decades, District 9 becomes a ghetto, rife with crime. The dorky Wikus seems an unlikely protagonist, and the tone of the interviewees leads us think something has happened to him, but we don’t yet know what. Wikus’ Save the Cat moment appears when his mother speaks of him as a good son and a smart boy. His wife, Tania, shows the camera an intricate flower that Wikus made for her: “Wikus was always making me things. He said, ‘That way, they mean so much more.'”

Catalyst: Piet Smit, a powerbroker at MNU, inexplicably appoints his pencil-pushing son-in-law Wikus Van de Merwe to lead the mass eviction of nearly 2 million “prawns” from District 9.

mv5bmjawotm4mdixmf5bml5banbnxkftztcwode3mzq3mg_v1_cr1530394394_ss100_Debate: Wikus runs afoul of the “cowboy” mercenaries, led by Koobus, when he tries to ensure they carry no more than their allowed supply of ammunition. When several aliens are unwilling to leave peaceably, the shooting starts. Wikus attempts to distract them with cans of cat food, which has a drug-like effect on them. Black marketers, controlled by Nigerian gangs who abuse and cheat the aliens, run scams and stockpile alien weaponry, which is useless to humans — because the weapons are encoded to be fired only by the aliens. MNU is revealed to be one of the top weapons manufacturers in the world, and the underlying cause for the mass eviction is to procure the aliens’ arsenal.

B Story: An alien, “Christopher Johnson,” and his son scour the trash heaps in D9 looking for alien technology which 04052contains a fluid they have been distilling for the last two decades. It will refuel their command module and power the return to their home planet. They complete the distillation process and attempt to hide the fluid cylinder in a buddy’s shack.

Break into 2: Wikus discovers the fluid cylinder; he tampers with it, and is sprayed in the face. No turning back.

Fun and Games: Violence escalates as the evictions continue, and Wikus is injured when an alien burns his arm. Obesandjo, the leader of the Nigerian gang, has hatched a plan to use the alien weaponry, by consuming “prawn” body parts in a quasi-religious ceremony.

Wikus starts to show the effects of the fluid: fever, vomiting, losing fingernails. Forced to cut the evictions short, he heads out, taking the fluid canister with him.

At home, Wikus walks into a surprise party to celebrate his promotion, and vomits out a black spray over his cake. Admitted to the hospital, Wikus has his unbandaged to reveal an alien claw. MNU’s mercenaries secret Wikus away to a hidden biolab where they’ve been conducting medical experiments on the “prawns.” The fluid cylinder is discovered and confiscated by MNU scientists.

Piet Smit oversees a battery of weapons tests where Wikus is made to fire alien weapons successfully. A doctor announces 04045that Wikus’ DNA is the perfect balance between alien and human and that hisbody must be harvested for MNU to access the alien weapon technology. Smit gives the approval and leaves to create a fictional account of the above to Tania; meanwhile, Wikus pries loose from his captors and escapes from MNU.

Midpoint: Wikus returns to D9, “the only place he knew no one would ever come looking for him,” now a fugitive.

img-1Bad Guys Close In: Wikus’ transformation continues; he scarfs down cat food only to find his teeth are falling out. After a disheartening phone call from Tania (“I don’t want you to hold me again”), Wikus attempts to chop off his new alien arm. When MNU’s helicopters imgswarm over D9, Wikus takes cover in Christopher Johnson’s shack. Christopher sees Wikus’ claw hand and knows Wikus has come into contact with the alien fluid.

Christopher helps Wikus hide in a secret compartment below the shack. This secret compartment is actually the command module of the mother ship, which has remained hidden for 20 years.

Christopher and Wikus strike a deal: they’ll retrieve the cylinder from MNU and rejoin the mother ship, where Christopher can restore Wikus’ arm. Wikus continues to morph, now showing patches of black alien exoskeleton under his skin. “We’re the same,” Christopher’s son tells him. Wikus curses the child and maintains he’s nothing like the “prawns.”

district_9_2009_1024x768_808938Wikus goes to Obesandje to strike a deal for alien weaponry, but Obesandje attempts to take him captive and chop off his alien arm so that he can eat it. In the scuffle, Wikus latches onto an alien firearm and blasts his way out. Christopher hides his son, and, with Wikus, journeys to MNU. Armed with alien weaponry, they blast their way into MNU and head for the biolab to recover the lost cylinder. Christopher learns the biolab has been experimenting on aliens, destroying alien fetuses in utero, and other horrors. Wikus retrieves the cylinder and they escape in an armored vehicle and return to the command module.

In possession of the precious fuel needed to get to the mother ship, Christopher changes the deal. He must return home, and gather troops to save his people trapped on earth. He promises Wikus that he will return to heal him in three years. Furious, Wikus clubs Christopher and attempts to start the command module himself, with the help of Christopher’s son. Meanwhile, Koobus and the MNU goons capture Christopher, as Wikus and the child liftoff in the buried capsule.

All Is Lost: Koobus and the MNU cowboys blast the capsule and Wikus crashlands back in District 9.

Dark Night of the Soul: MNU agents pull Wikus from the wrecked capsule and take him aboard an armored vehicle. Christopher is placed aboard a second vehicle to be taken to MNU and destroyed.

Break Into 3: Obesandje’s men ambush the motorcade and take Wikus prisoner. He’s no longer fully human, nor is he alien. He is trapped, alone — and seemingly, without hope.

Finale: MNU troops surround the Nigerian gang’s compound. A huge firefight breaks out while Obesandje prepares to sever and eat Wikus’ alien arm. Christopher’s son manages to reactivate all the alien devices, including an oversized robotic body armor suit, which blasts the Nigerians.

img-2Koobus and his goons pull Christopher out of the transport and beat him for information. Wikus climbs inside the bodysuit and leaves Christopher behind –then, in an act of compassion, he has a change of heart and returns to help him. Wikus’ eye has turned into a wide, yellow disc – he is more alien than human now – he sees things from the alien point of view.

Wikus provides cover for Christopher to get back to the command module, but is attacked by Koobus and the cowboys. He must make his last stand. Koobus fires upon Wikus and destroys the body suit.

Koobus pulls Wikus from the rubble — before he can finish him off, he is surrounded by aliens who rip Koobus to shreds. Wikus watches as the command module rejoins with the mother ship and the giant spacecraft casts off. At the conclusion, the “documentary” exposes MNU’s secret agenda to the world.

Final Image: Wikus, now completely alien, stands atop a pile of rubble, in the chaos of what was once District 9. With care04058 and precision, he carves yet another flower out of a piece of trash.

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