Golden Globes tonight and the subject comes up: what are your Top Ten movies of the year?

As a former movie critic (if you want to see one heck of a review of Spider-Man 2, check out mine at I still get the question. But now my interest is in how my favorite movies help you to write yours.

Here are my Top Ten Most Helpful Examples Of Good Movies To Learn From for 2005

1. 40 Year Old Virgin. Why? Degree of difficulty. This “Fool Triumphant” could have been crass and turned out to be sweet — with a GREAT “Pope in the Pool” moment BTW. Ten points to the person who can tell me what that moment is!

2. Capote. Beat for beat a texbook example of the BS2 and a classic “Golden Fleece” in which what we think the goal of the journey is, turns out not to be at all. A GREAT “Theme Stated” moment right there in minute 5. Take a look when it comes out on DVD.

3. Cinderella Man. Despite the terrible title (why doesn’t anyone ever call me about these things?!) a wonderful, deep and moving example of the “Superhero” genre.

4. Crash. Yes, despite it’s ensemble form, it too has a clear cut BS2 including a great synthesis moment at the end.

5. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Must give kudos to Shane Black and at the same time advise everyone else: No breaking of the fourth wall please. When you create a worldwide, billion dollar hit franchise– then we’ll talk.

6.Upside of Anger. Mike Binder directed this “Rites of Passage” tale and gives us one of the best portraits of alcoholism in main characters Kevin Costner and Joan Allen.

7. The Constant Gardener. “Dude With A Problem” Indeed. An ordinary man, who likes it that way, is drawn into an extraordinary world by the death of his wife.

8. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Surely the best family film of the year, eh, and a comic “Whydunit?”

9. Wedding Crashers. A “Buddy Love” and a $200 million hit because we knew going in what it was about just from the poster! Also ties with 40 Year Old Virgin for “Best Title.”

10. King Kong. No, not a “Monster In the House” A love story. And I for one loved the fact they took their time getting there.

So you see, there are examples of winning movies in almost every one of my ten movie genres. If you are working on a genre that matches one of these films, take a look — and stay tuned for the Golden Globes!