coverSmallWe recently received this email from filmmaker Paul Downs:

Hello! I just wanted to share a quick story. I’ve been a huge fan of Save the Cat! since around 2007, when I first started writing. My writing partner and used it to sell our first project and to write the spec that got us representation. We owe a ton to Blake. About a year before his passing, I reached out to thank him. He responded, which amazed me…

“Paul, thank you! Your email makes my day! I am so proud of you guys! And so impressed with your wife for not only recommending my book, but being so supportive of you! You are a truly lucky guy! Congratulations again! Happy Holidays to you and yours, and thanks again for the great letter!” — Blake Snyder

Because of Blake’s continued guidance, my writing partner, Nick Bruno, and I—along with our collaborator Michael Yates—have a graphic novel, Urban Legendz, being released in June. It was just announced on Deadline today.

We really owe so much to him and are just very grateful for Blake’s wisdom and kindness. I’m happy that you have kept his legacy alive and are continuing to inspire young writers. Thank you!

– Paul Downs

Congrats to Paul, Nick, and Michael! Here’s to your continued success!

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