Master Cats United!

This Super Panel will help make your story superb.

Join best-selling authors Jessica Brody and Jamie Nash as they share their unique approach to adapting the principles of Save the Cat!

Whether you’re a screenwriter or a novelist, you’ll find powerful insights to start and/or troubleshoot your story.

You’ll get an inside look at just how these Master Cats break down story, as they discuss what inspires them and reveal what it takes to write meaningful and memorable movies, TV pilots, and novels.

The Super Panel is moderated by the first Master Cat, founder of the NYC Save the Cat! workshops and professor of screenwriting at Syracuse University, Ben Frahm.

This FREE 90-minute webinar includes:
• an invigorating Q&A featuring questions about the elements of the 5-Part Finale, how to write beat sheets for multiple-POV stories and trilogies, tactics for fabulous Fun & Games, how to use the Board (the 10-20-10), how to use the beat sheet for short films and short stories, how to create queries and pitches that really sell
• a sneak peek at Jessica’s new book, Save the Cat! Writes a Young Adult Novel
• tips on brainstorming techniques
• and so much more

Make your stories super!